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Foreign Exchange Canada, Currency Exchange Service

If your looking to send money to Canada or transfer a larger amount to Canadian dollars there are better, cheaper and smarter alternatives than just exchanging money using British or Canadian foreign exchange banking services.

Currency Overview - Canada

The official currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar, CAD.

Recommended Foreign Exchange Options for Travelers to Canada

If you are traveling to Canada you should consider using a travel money card to pay for accommodation, eating out, taking out money at cash machines and much more. Travel money cards are available in MasterCard or Visa format and are easy to load with various currencies at low rates, much better foreign exchange rates than banks will offer.

Transferring Larger Amounts to Canadian Currency

If you need to exchange a larger amount of money into Canadian dollars then you should consider using the services of a professional money transfer provider as they will be able to beat most, if not all high street bank foreign exchange rates.

Specialist foreign exchange broker Currencies Direct has over 100,000 clients globally and is one of the fastest growing foreign exchange companies in the United Kingdom. Currencies Direct is authorised and regulated by the FSA for the provision of payment services.

Currencies Direct has offices in the UK and the US, as well as Europe, Asia and africa.

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Select the currency which you need to transfer to, enter the amount to transfer and compare. You will see the results displayed in the table below the currency comparison widget.

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Sending Money to a Person in Canada

The best way to send money to a person in Canada would be to use the money transfer service of Western Union.

Great for smaller money transfers to and from Canada (typically under £1000 per transaction) you can now send money online using Western Union's services.

There are more than 485,000 Western Union ® locations for cash pick-up around the world with no fees or commission to pay for the receiver. Western Union

Western Union offer a low cost and secure alternative to banks and traditional foreign exchange companies and are one of the biggest money transfer providers in the world.

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