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Foreign Exchange France, Euro Currency Exchange Services

Foreign exchange transfers to France, exchange UK sterling to euro currency and receive the best exchange rate by using a specialist currency exchange broker.

Currency Transfers - France, Euro

Forget money transfers into euro's by high street banks who charge excessive fees for their foreign exchange services. You can quickly and easily open account with a non-bank, FSA authorised foreign exchange broker and make your euro currency transactions with ease, while saving money at the same time. See the best UK based exchange brokers: Foreign Exchange Brokers


Buying a Property in France?

Not only is property one of the single biggest investments most of us ever make, it’s also one you commit to paying for at a future date.

When you're buying or selling a property in France, did you know that you can save you as much as 3 percent on the price of your property by using the services of a foreign exchange broker.

Regular Payments - France

If you send regular payments to France, you will probably need to transfer those payments into your overseas bank account.

There are many other reasons for making regular payments to France. Maybe you’re paying an overseas mortgage, maintaining a French property, supporting your child while they study in France, or working in France and sending money back home to the UK.

Whatever your circumstances, a specialist foreign exchange broker can make your euro currency transfers on your behalf, quickly, reliably, securely at high street bank beating rates.

Foreign Exchange France - The Euro

The euro was first set as coins and banknotes in 2002 replaced the traditional French franc at this time. The euro is administered by the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), which is comprised of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Eurozone central banks.

Travel Money Card for Holidays in France, in Euros

Exchanging money into euro's can be done at ATMs, most banks, post offices and French foreign exchange offices. However, if you are traveling to France you should consider using a euro travel money card to pay for accommodation, eating out, taking out money at cash machines and much more. You will attain a better foreign exchange rate by using a travel money card, than by using your normal bank card to make euro transactions in France.

Travel money cards are available in MasterCard or Visa format and are easy to load with euros at much better foreign exchange rates than banks will offer. Travel Currency Cards

Sending Money to a Person in France

The best way to send money to a person in France would be to use the money transfer service of Western Union.

Great for smaller money transfers to and from France (typically under £1000 per transaction) you can now send money online using Western Union's services.

There are more than 485,000 Western Union ® locations for cash pick-up around the world with no fees or commission to pay for the receiver. Western Union

Western Union offer a low cost and secure alternative to banks and traditional foreign exchange companies and are one of the biggest money transfer providers in the world.

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