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Foreign Exchange Norway, Currency Exchange Services

Foreign exchange Norway, if you need to transfer funds into Norwegian krone, maybe for a property purchase or, if you send money to Norway on a regular basis, you should use a foreign exchange broker to save money on transaction costs.

Foreign Exchange Brokers - Norwegian Krone

If you need to exchange a larger amount of money into Norwegian krone then you should consider using the services of a professional money transfer provider as they will be able to beat most, if not all high street bank foreign exchange rates.


There are several UK based foreign exchange brokers who can offer substantial savings on money transfers in the Norwegian market.

Norwegian Foreign Exchange - Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct offers an integrated foreign exchange and money transfer service for individuals and businesses who need to make foreign exchange transactions to / from Norway, in Norwegian krone.

Norwegian Krone - The Currency

The Norwegian krone is the official currency of Norway. Norway is not part of the European Union and does not use the euro. The Norwegian krone is self-standing and considered a strong, stable currency.

The Norwegian Krone is not likely to ever default because Norway has a sovereign wealth fund financed though the large oil and gas exports of Norwegian companies. Norway's Interest rates have remained stable recent years and not expected to change greatly.

Norway Travel Exchange - Krone

In Norway, local banks exchange Norwegian krone over the counter during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. At other times Norwegian krone can be exchanged at airports, ferry terminals and post offices.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are widely accepted in Norway and ATM's are widespread with many equipped with the Cirrus or Maestro system.

Norwegian Krone - Currency Restrictions

The import and export of both Norwegian krone and foreign currency is restricted to 25,000 Norwegian krone. All foreign exchange transactions above this sum must be declared.

Money Transfer Comparison Table - Live Rates (compare below)

Input the amount of Norwegian krone that you need to transfer to or from Norway and compare the results against what five major UK banks would offer. You will see the results displayed in the table below the currency comparison widget.

Sending Money to a Person in Norway

The best way to send money to a person in Norway would be to use the money transfer service of Western Union.

Great for smaller money transfers to and from Norway (typically under £1000 per transaction) you can now send money online using Western Union's services.

There are more than 485,000 Western Union ® locations for cash pick-up around the world with no fees or commission to pay for the receiver. Western Union

Western Union offer a low cost and secure alternative to banks and traditional foreign exchange companies and are one of the biggest money transfer providers in the world.

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