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TorFX is a leading broker of foreign exchange services, offering competitive exchange rates for international money transfers and an unrivalled personal service to private individuals and businesses with a foreign exchange requirement.


TorFX are the UK’s fastest growing privately owned financial company and one of the UK’s largest money transfer brokers with over 20,000 clients.

European Currency Broker of the Year

In 2010 TorFX were named European Currency Broker of the Year by an internationally recognised magazine voted for by expats. TorFX pride themselves on their ability to save customers money on currency transfers abroad.

TorFX assist both private individuals and businesses when they wish to send or receive funds in a different currency. TorFX are FSA authorised and regulated and hold client segregated accounts with Barclays Bank safeguarding all client funds. Open an Account with TorFX

Guaranteeing Better Rates of Exchange Against the Banks

Providing better rates of exchange and an unrivalled level of service is what attracts clients to use TorFX against the traditional banking method.

Deal Direct with Currency Markets

TorFX deal directly with the currency markets, which means they can offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies, often beating the bank’s rate by over 3 percent on international money transfers overseas.

Guaranteed Margin Rate

TorFX can now offer a 0.7% guaranteed margin rate making them one of the cheapest money transfer companies in the UK. So whether you’re buying an overseas property, emigrating, making regular payments abroad, or making a currency transaction for any other reason, TorFX can save you money.

Personal Foreign Exchange Services

TorFX saves you money on your international payments. Unbeatable foreign exchange rates, free transfers and friendly, clear guidance from our currency experts make TorFX a good choice for your foreign exchange needs.

Private Individual Transfers - TorFX assist clients in a vast variety of scenarios for transferring funds abroad. A dedicated personal account manager will work with you, keeping you informed of the market situation whilst focusing in achieving the best foreign exchange rates. Open a Personal Account, Click Here

Business Foreign Exchange Services

TorFX expertise in business foreign exchange and private international payments with leading foreign exchange rates and no fees.

Business Money Transfers - Businesses carrying out foreign currency transfers face a huge exposure in the markets. Rates have been seen to swing by up to 30 percent in just weeks which can be perilous to a business who is waiting to pay an invoice with a long lead time.

TorFX are an approved UK Government adviser to British SME’s carrying out international transfers. They can offer a number of trading options such as forwards contracts and stop / limit orders which some banks don’t. Such options can allow you to secure rates in the future ensuring you capitalise on any volatile market action. TorFX can help you save money, control FX risk, and grow your business profits. Open a Business Account, Click Here

Regular Overseas Payments

With TorFX’s Regular Overseas Payment Plan you can transfer from as little as £250 per month and make considerable savings when compared to what high street banks would offer you. TorFX can offer you a highly competitive exchange rate on your money transfers, with no bank transfer fees and they charge no commission.

Regular Payments - Both private individuals and businesses take advantage of the TorFX regular payments scheme. Private clients often use TorFX for making mortgage payments or receiving an overseas pension. Corporate clients find it useful for paying salaries or standing orders. As you can see, the savings made with TorFX in bank charges alone can be substantial over 12 months.

Your Very Own Personal Foreign Exchange Dealer

TorFX can provide you a personal dedicated foreign exchange dealer to who will take the time to understand you’re personal or business needs and work with you in partnership to make the most of your foreign exchange transactions.

TorFX Currency Exchange Limited. Registered in England & Wales, Number: 5193147. HM Revenue & Customs Certificate of Registration for Money Laundering Regulation, Number: 12191606. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 (FRN 517320) for the provision of payment services.

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