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The Hungarian forint foreign exchange rate has not changed significantly

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Budapest, Hungary

Market participants are keeping a close watch on news from the European debt crisis summit held in Brussels today. Officials say France and Germany have reached a common position on a second bailout package for Greece. If euro-zone leaders agree on a new bailout, the Greek debt crisis can be resolved and the risk of contagion spreading through the euro zone can be limited. Success of the summit may firm European Union member states’ currencies against other currencies like the US dollar and the Swiss franc.

Developments at the debt summit will affect especially the euro -Swiss franc cross rate, thus the exchange rates of other EU-members again, among them the CHF/HUF rate. The US dollar – Hungarian forint exchange rate depends on the outcome of the debt ceiling-debate in the United States as well. If global investor sentiment remains optimistic, the forint may gain against the euro and the EUR/HUF rate may go southward 270.

Latest Hungarian Forint Foreign Exchange Rates

On currency markets, one Swiss franc bought 232.36 Hungarian forints, while a UK pound sterling currently exchanges 307.86 a euro 270.40, and one US dollar 190.83 Hungarian forints.

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