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Israeli shekel foreign exchange rate moves higher against US dollar

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The Israeli shekel’s foreign exchange rate moved higher against the dollar and euro in morning inter bank trading. Continuing yesterday’s trend, the shekel to US dollar exchange rate is down 0.33%, compared with yesterday’s representative rate, at NIS 3.7494/$, and the shekel-euro exchange rate is up 0.2%, at NIS 4.9609/€.

In international markets, the dollar is traded at $1.32 against the euro, and at ¥83.41 against the Japanese yen.

In Europe, secured Greek bondholders will receive $2.5 billion on their credit default swaps (CDS), a 78.5% payout on their investment. Globally, the price oil, which has risen 15% since January, continues to rise against the backdrop of tensions in the Middle East.

The US has sent reinforcements to the Persian Gulf, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is due to meet Iran’s leaders, adding pressure on Iran to pull back on its military nuclear program.

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