THB Money Transfers

If you need to arrange a money transfer to or from GBP (UK Sterling) to THB (Thai baht) then you should consider that using a high street bank to make your THB transfer will cost significantly more than using a private foreign exchange broker.

THB Money Transfers – Bank Comparison Chart

Thanks to a handy live rate chart compiled by the money transfer technical experts at Currencies Direct, you are now able to find out the latest GBP to THB exchange rates on the amount you would receive if you used Currencies Direct money transfer services.

You can then compare this to the transfer exchange rates offered by major high street UK banks including Barclays bank, HSBC bank, Lloyds TSB bank, Natwest bank and RBS (chart exchange rates are updated daily – Monday to Friday – excludes bank holidays).

Simply enter the amount of money you need to transfer, then select your “to” and “from” currencies and see how much money you can save on international transactions:

THB – Recommended Money Transfer Providers

To see our full selection of recommended money transfer providers, please click here

Open An Account Online

If you wish to open an account with Currencies Direct to make a money transfer to or from THB (Thai baht), you can do so by visiting their website here: Currencies Direct

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