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If your looking to transfer or exchange money to another currency there are several specialist providers where you can get a much better deal and a faster service than traditional high street banks would offer. The example below is from Currencies Direct, one of Europe’s leading specialist foreign exchange brokers.

As you can see from the example above, exchanging £100,000 to another currency using specialist provider Currencies Direct will save you several thousand extra euros on your currency exchange deal. To view Currencies Direct profile: Click Here

Specialist Currency Exchange Providers

Specialist currency exchange providers are able to execute international money transfers and payments by working with smaller percentage margins and better exchange rates, hence you benefit all round.

Specialist exchange providers deal directly with international currency markets and can offer you the best foreign exchange rates that banks find hard or impossible to match.

Currency Exchange Brokers

Many specialist currency exchange providers have designated in-house foreign exchange brokers who are able to help and advise individuals and businesses to attain the best international transfers to other currencies.

Commission Free Currency Transfers

Specialist providers normally offer commission free currency transfers for transactions which are over a value of over £1,000.

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